I graduated from psychology at the Catholic University of Lublin, and 4-year psychotherapy at the INTRA School of Psychotherapy in Warsaw. At INTRA, I also completed a one-year Psychological Assistance Course. In addition, I graduated from Human Resource Management at WSPiA in Lublin.

For nearly 20 years I have been working at the business-human interface, on the one hand, supporting organizations in all employee matters, on the other hand, being always close to people and their affairs, I take care of what they bring with me, I care for their development, job satisfaction, mental condition and broadly understood wellbeing. My passion is man and his vocation understood very broadly, as a call to fully use one’s potential, possibilities, fulfill desires, dreams, in order to be fulfilled and happy, but also to be help and support for others. I adhere to the principle that man is a psycho-physical-spiritual unity and that only taking care of each of these spheres can ensure health, quality of life, balance, a sense of happiness and fulfillment. So the ideas of ​​wellbeing at work, life satisfaction and development are very close to me. I specialize in the area of ​​HR, recruitment, development, training, working with competences, values, career counseling and career counseling. I love working with a group and in 1: 1 sessions,, using training, therapeutic, coaching and mentoring tools. I work in the field of gestalt psychotherapy with elements of behavioral-cognitive and systemic therapy.

I love working with people. I believe in a world where facts and events can be friendly, that there is a way out of every situation, that small steps bring great results and that gratitude is the key foundation of happiness. I appreciate every moment spent with myself. I share all the others with my family – my husband and two wonderful children and all those who trust me with their affairs and need support.

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