I work in the humanistic trend of Gestalt psychotherapy. The key aspects for me resulting from Gestalt: being in the here and now, authenticity, commitment, comprehensive understanding of a person (thoughts, feelings, behavior, body sensations), individual and subjective approach (the uniqueness of each person’s functioning), and above all the belief that each person has the potential to be fully fulfilled and happy. I address my psychotherapeutic support to people who experience difficulties in building satisfying relationships, experience blockades and fears in expressing their emotions, want to increase self-confidence and make choices based on an authentic understanding of themselves and their needs. I also work with people who struggle with a sense of emptiness, loneliness, confusion, fear, alienation and depression. I support people in a difficult life situation (e.g. loss, mourning, illness, divorce) and people burdened with the impact of stress, experiencing burnout. My professional experience is also built through many years of work in the HR area (including recruitment, training, meeting facilitation, coaching, mediation, building strategies and policies, designing a culture of effective communication). I have worked in the academics, NGO and business environment – both in international corporations and in agile, self-managing IT companies.
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