I work in Crisis First Aid (PFA) to help prevent depression, dysthymia and anxiety. I work with people who experience, among others discrimination, mobbing or dismissal. As a coach, tutor, mentor and trainer, I support building assertive attitudes, communicating boundaries and needs in the spirit of non-violent communication. I also help in the development of an individual career path, including a leadership path, with less stress, a sense of fulfillment while maintaining a balance in life. I support, I do not judge. My current professional motto is: “awareness builds control”.

I graduated from, among others prestigious postgraduate studies in Coaching and Mentoring at the SWPS University, conducted jointly with the Psychoeducation Laboratory in Warsaw, and a psychological first aid course based on the RAPID model at the Institute of Positive Crisis Therapy. I am also a mentor in the Business Leaders Foundation program. I have over 25 years of professional experience, mostly in management / leadership. I have gained experience in running diversified teams and large programs (up to EUR 5 billion), corporate and administrative issues, consulting and project portfolio management (over 1,200). 

My private life is filled with all kinds of music. I love traveling and contact with nature. I am fascinated by the traces of ancient civilizations and concepts of interstellar travel. Including Due to many years of amateur dance practice (ballet, modern dance, ballroom dancing), I am currently developing knowledge and skills in the field of supporting well-being through contact with the body (Lowen – own practice). I also plan dance therapy (Laban / Bartenieff) – with the hope of including this type of work in my helping practice. I work under regular supervision.