Since 2011, I accompany my clients in their current challenges, I support them in difficult times and help to lighten the available options for action when they find themselves in an impasse.

I used to be a globetrotter: Ireland, USA and Germany have been my home for over 7 years. At that time, I was working in international corporations. A six-month vacation for a trip around the world and the decision to return to the country started the process of changes in my life: from the world of business relations to the world of personal relationships, to helping and accompanying other people on their path of development. 

Together with the PwC Academy, I have prepared a postgraduate program “Modern Business Services”, I teach at managerial and coaching studies at the Radom Academy of Economics. I provide leadership coaching services for entrepreneurs at home and abroad. At home, I divide my time between my husband, my son and my faithful dog, trying to find the right proportions of time.