I am psychologist passionate about mental health and emotional well-being. 

I graduated in Clinical Psychology. One of the areas of my interest is human sexuality (and its problems), which is why I am currently in training, gaining knowledge and practical skills at postgraduate studies in Clinical Sexology to obtain the title of a certified sexologist.

I am an accredited member of The British Psychological Society.

I’m offering my expertise and counselling in personality disorder, counselling, stress management and sexual problems.

I provide consultation and support to people facing mood disorders, anxiety disorders (phobias, generalized anxiety disorder, panic and anxiety attacks), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and adaptation difficulties. I support people experiencing various types of life crises, struggling with relational difficulties, experiencing excessive stress and tension in everyday life, as well as people who want to take care of their mental wellbeing and better cope with challenges that we encounter every day.

I use my skills, as well as psychological tools and techniques; Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) to help people find their own unique solutions to life’s troubling issues.  I’m also passionate about making the workplace a better place! I pertain an exemplary understanding of the nature of mental health disorders.

I am a compassionate psychologist; I prioritise maintaining strict confidentiality.

I am dedicated to supporting and helping others in a meaningful way, listening to their concerns and helping them to learn how to approach and face their mental, emotional, and behavioural problems. I have worked to help individuals and couples overcome a wide range of difficulties including depression and anxiety.  I have also helped my clients to develop useful skills in order to improve their: relationship communication, work environment, and overall quality of life. 

Helping people navigate life’s ups and downs has become my life’s mission. I’m here to help.