I have over 20 years of professional business experience in Human Capital Management and 4 years of Clinical Psychology, neuropsychology, diagnostics, as well as cognitive behavioural and humanistic therapy. It has been rewarding and inspiring to help people learn about their talent and discover their full potential based on natural preferences. I gained psychological experience in Neurosurgery departments of hospitals in Warsaw, Neurological Rehabilitation & Psychotherapeutic centres where I prepared diagnoses and conducted therapies. I continued my studies at New York University’s Medical Centre, department of Neuropsychology. I worked in NYC for 2 more years as a clinical psychologist and neuropsychologist. After returning to Poland, I began working in consulting firms focusing on work psychology and organizational behaviour in companies undergoing change. I gained business experienced working successively for international companies, Capgemini Group and BPI Group, where I was the Human Capital Development Director for internal & external clients. I completed many long & short-term trainings and certification programs at Capgemini International University as well as with BPI Group in France, USA, Scandinavian countries and Poland. The projects I worked on were in Change (organisational, technological, merger). My role was to create conditions to successfully build a climate of security and trust in employees towards change and management boards while sustaining necessary psychometrics and competency development. These projects included managing intra-company communication and key HR processes (“hire to retire”). The current pandemic/economic situation on the one hand, provokes problems with remote work, scattered teams without a sense of teamwork and deterioration of psychophysical health, and on the other hand, creates extraordinary opportunity to activate creativity and potential. In my experience, the key success factors to overcome low motivation and withdrawal requires building new competencies such as psychological resilience, coping with permanent stress and being agile. Equally important is to increase self-awareness and define natural preferences. My professional certifications include the following tools: psychometry: Extended DISC, SHL, change management: PROSCI, trainer: Capgemini, coach: BPI Group / Capgemini, AC/DC: BPI Group, professional mobility / outplacement / career counselling: BPI Group, diagnosis and psychological support: University of Warsaw. I am a member of the Polish Neuropsychological Society. In addition to my professional work, a multigenerational family, a house full of animals, a horse stable and a “permaculture” bio garden bring joy to my life.
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