One in four employees needs mental health support right now.

Poor mental health is one of the key reasons for sickness absence and a leading cause of disability worldwide. In the UK alone, the annual cost of mental health related sickness absence amounts to

£53-56 billion.

Sources: World Health Organisation (2022); Deloitte - Mental Health and Employers (2022)

In a company hiring 100 employees

Find out how much it costs you

Number of employees in the company


=25 employees
are experiencing a mental health challenge at this moment
=205 days a year
are lost due to employee depression and burnout
=334,165 GBP a year
is the annual cost of poor mental health and presenteeism (average gross monthly salary: 4000 GBP)

is an investment

The dividends are paid in the form of higher retention, lower overall medical costs, more productive workforce, and employee loyalty.

Sources: NHS, Mental Health Foundation, World Health Organization

Psychological support has measurable effects


of employees schedule at least one session


decrease in missed hours due to mental health problems


of employees experience increased motivation


lower employee rotation

What will happen
when your employees get access to HearMe?

Employees who struggle with mental health problems can consult specialists any time.

Managers get support, psychoeducation and tools which help them reach their goals.

Psychoeducation helps all employees increase self-awareness and reach their full potential.

The HR department receives data and insights which help them take care of the company culture.