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How can I make an appointment?
Start by creating an anonymous account in the HearMe app (it works in the browser, so you do not need to download it) and fill in a survey. You will then receive a confirmation email from the psychologist, therapist or coach you've been matched with. From then on you will have access to their calendar - and you can book a session any time.
What is the difference between a psychologist and a psychotherapist?

A psychologist

  • has a Master's degree or a PhD in psychology;
  • has comprehensive knowledge of the human psyche;
  • uses standardized psychological tests;
  • may give you their opinions and recommendations, but will not give you a medical diagnosis.

A psychotherapist

  • has obtained a master’s degree and graduated from a specialized school of psychotherapy (e.g. cognitive-behavioral), which usually lasts 4-5 years;
  • undergoes supervision
  • undergoes their own psychotherapy or attends personal development classes
  • obtained certificates confirming the acquired skills
How will I be matched with a specialist?

Based on the survey you complete in the HearMe app, you will be assigned a specialist (psychologist, psychotherapist or coach) who has the best predispositions, knowledge and experience to help you.

If you feel the need to change a specialist, you can do it any time. Just write to support in the app or email us at

Who are the HearMe specialists and what experience do they have?

HearMe works only with certified therapists (from accredited therapy schools) with years of relevant experience as well as coaches and business mentors with certificates from renowned schools.

Most of our specialists have extensive business experience as managers, leaders, HR professionals or business owners.

Can I cancel my visit?

Yes, you can cancel your visit or postpone it up to 24 hours before the appointment. In order to cancel, click the red cancel button in the Meetings window.

If you cancel less than 24h before the session, it will count as a completed session.

Can I switch to a different Specialist?

Of course, any time! Just send a message to the support after logging into the app.

Let our support know who you'd like to be matched with, e.g. a coach instead of a therapist or a different therapist than the one you're seeing now.

How to use the voucher code I received from my company?




Does chat therapy work?

There has been a lot of scientific research on the effectiveness of psychological support that is based on the exchange of messages, and the results are very positive.

Of course, everyone should choose the help that is most comfortable for them, so at Emplomind you can arrange a video or text session.

What is included in the price of one consultation?
A 50-minute video session, a 25-min phonecall or two 25-minute text exchange sessions.

Specialists with business background

We cooperate with experienced therapists, coaches and business trainers who understand opportunities and challenges that employees and employers face. Our people have run their own businesses, work in HR departments, created original workshops and individual mentoring paths for business, and lead their own courses at the universities and colleges.

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