What will happen when your employees start using HearMe?

  • Employees who struggle with mental health problems can consult specialists any time.

  • The HR department receives data and insights which help them take care of the company culture.

  • Managers get support, psychoeducation and tools which help them reach their goals.

  • Psychoeducation helps all employees increase self-awareness and reach their full potential.



    Webinars and workshops for employees

    Would you like to support your employees through the challenges of remote work? Give your managers the tools they need to take care of themselves and their people through uncertain times? Organise Mental Health Awareness Days?

    Tell us what you need and we will plan workshops and webinars tailored to your organisation. Selected topics:

    • What is psychological resilience and how to build it?
    • How to efficiently work from home?
    • How to cope with things over which we have no control?
    • How to avoid burning out at work?
    • How to nurture relationships while working remotely?
    • Workshops for team leaders: how to support an employee in crisis?

      Individual mentoring programs and executive coaching

      We help your employees reach their goals quickly and efficiently. We keep our eyes on KPIs, action plans, and the number of meetings. Selected topics:

      • Experienced mentor/coach
      • Customised development plans: from peer to a manager, first aid for managers, returning to work from maternity leave
      • Personalised materials
      • Reports summarising each meeting


        Psychological First Aid for the Employees

        Help your people thrive, evolve, and reach their full potential - and see how that affects their teams and the entire organisation.

        • How to improve motivation and focus
        • How to manage stress and take advantage of it
        • How to protect yourself from the burnout syndrome
        • How to communicate with others effectively
        • How to nurture teamwork

          Psychological First Aid for the managers

          The last couple of years have been hard on people's mental health. In HearMe, your employees can get specialist psychological support any time they need it.

          • Survey of teams' needs
          • Three live webinar workshops with a set of valuable materials for a group of managers
          • Psychological tests examining the managers' management style
          • 9 consultations (90 min) with experienced business coaches

            Personal development

            Our team of experienced therapists and psychologists will help your people face challenges at work and take better care of their mental health.

            • How to manage anxiety
            • Support for employees going through a personal crisis
            • Building self-awareness and self-regulation
            • Crisis Interventions

              How it works:

              Support for the HR

              We give your HR department access to our resource base: webinars, newsletters, infographics, and posts for creating well-being initiatives.

              Onboarding webinar

              This webinar, delivered by our specialists, explains how to use HearMe and answers the question: "How to know whether you need psychological suppport?"

              Sessions: video and live chat

              Employees can book online sessions: a video call or chat with a psychologist, therapist or a business coach. It's fully anonymous and safe.

              After the first month

              After the first month, we sit down with you to discuss your initial experience and your needs moving forward. We then create a tailored plan for your organisation.


              Got any questions?

              Write to us at [email protected]