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Our support

Personal growth

Our group of experienced therapists and psychologists will help your employees face mental challenges and nourish their mental health.

  • How to deal with anxiety
  • Support in personal problems
  • Understanding emotions
  • Crisis interventions
Professional development

Give your employees a chance to fulfil their potential and grow the wings on which the entire company will soar.

  • How to increase your motivation
  • How to deal and use stressful situation for one's benefit
  • How to protect yourself from a burnout
  • How to continually improve your skills
Employee workshop

Do you want to achieve a specific goal with your team? Tell us about it, and we will create a customized training and workshop plan for your company.

  • Effective and transparent communication
  • Caring about your mental health
  • Mental health awareness days
  • How to notice and support your colleague in a crisis (also for team leaders)
Individual mentoring path

We want an employee to achieve the intended goals in the shortest possible time. We define the KPIs, the action plan and the number of meetings.

  • Experienced business mentor
  • Customized development plans: from peer to a manager, return to work after pregnancy
  • Personalised exercises and materials
  • A summary after an each meeting