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You are not a robot, you have your limits.

Work at home, home at work, endless calls, rapidly changing situation of kids at school … everyone can feel that they just have enough. And, most of us worry about the future. This is normal.

But what to do next?
We will not extend the day, we cannot talk to three people at the same time, we will not drop everything and leave to the Bahamas.

We will not change this.
But we can find ourselves in this situation and try to understand it in order to get out of the impasse.

Feeling like talking with a psychologist?

Experienced specialists

96% of employees using HearMe would like to schedule another session.

They are experienced psychologists, therapists, coaches and business trainers with extensive business experience. Each specialist goes through the recruitment, verification and onboarding process.

How they can support you

Too much stress

Stress can motivate us, but it can also burn us from the inside out. Learn how to prevent stress from leading to burnout or more serious health conditions.

Being overwhelmed

Sometimes there is just too much, and we don't know where to start to solve all of the problems. This feeling overwhelms us and paralyzes us. Learn the tools to help you get out of being overwhelmed.

Relationship problems

Instead of arguing or ignoring problems, get the support of a specialist who will help you see the situation from the perspective and eyes of a third person.


According to the research, more than 62% of workers have experienced burnout symptoms since the beginning of the pandemic. If you are chronically tired, you lack motivation, you are cynical and you experience a decrease in productivity at work, it is worth talking to a specialist about it.


Pandemic is a time of uncertainty and worry. Our specialists are here to listen to you and help you see through entangled emotions.


The death of a loved one can be one of the most difficult events in our life. It is a very personal and individual experience foreach person, our specialists will help you on this path.


During the pandemic, many people noticed that their depression symptoms got worse or reappeared. Our specialists will provide you with professional care and support.

All of this is within the reach of your hand

HearMe is our original application that allows you to book a session with a therapist, psychologist or coach.


Book an online session whenever and wherever you feel like. You can choose: video or text session.


Our proprietary application uses end-to-end security, which means that no one except the communicators can intercept the content of the messages and video sessions.

Therapist change

Your comfort is most important to us. If you feel like changing your specialist at any stage of your journey, we will make it possible for you as soon as possible.

Is online therapy effective?

Psychological support online was researched by scientists long before the pandemic. Most studies show that online therapy helps users improve their quality of life and is as efective as traditional therapy.

Respondents found online therapy to be as effective as in-office therapy.
Respondents found online therapy to be more convenient than traditional therapy.
"Online therapy is as effective as therapy in a traditional office."
"Computer-based cognitive behavioral therapy scored more points on the satisfaction scale than traditional therapy"
"Research on 98,000 veterans has confirmed the effectiveness and positive impact of video therapy."

How HearMe works?

HearMe is a simple web application that you don’t need to download to your phone, just open it in your browser.

Click on a registration link from your company email to create your account – you only need your private email address and an alias. 

Book a visit in your therapist calendar. 

Choose a 50 min video session

or a 25 min messaging session.

Why HearMe is safer than other solutions?


Google Meet



Full anonymity






By hand

By hand

By hand


Integrated chat

Time limited

Only during the conversation

Only during the conversation

Whole history

End-to-end encryption





HD video quality






Thanks to Magda, I made the decision to send my son to kindergarten after the holidays without feeling guilty.


Every morning I woke up tired and stressed. Hearme helped me understand why I am so stressed and how to act so that stress does not take away the joy of my life.


I believe that this application allowed me to embrace myself mentally both professionally and privately. Since participating in the sessions, I can see an improvement in quality of my life.

Anonymous user

It helped me get professional help and I feel I always have a chance to reach out and be heard.

Anonymous user

Find the answer to your questions and doubts:

Create an account in our application (it works in the browser, so you do not need to download it), wait until you receive a confirmation email from the psychologist or psychotherapist chosen for you – from then on you have access to his calendar and you can immediately book a session.

is a master of 5-year studies in the field of psychology. Has comprehensive knowledge of the human psyche and conducting research on this subject. Uses standardized psychological tests. May give psychological opinions, but is not empowered to make medical diagnoses.

has obtained a master’s degree and graduated from a specialized school of psychotherapy (e.g. cognitive-behavioral), which usually lasts 4-5 years. Depending on the type of school, they lead their own patients under supervision and undergoes their own psychotherapy and / or personal development classes. Graduation from school is usually confirmed by obtaining a certificate confirming the acquired skills. The psychotherapist works in public health clinics or a private office.

Based on the survey you complete in our app, you will be assigned a specialist (psychologist or psychotherapist) who has the best predispositions, knowledge and experience to help you.

If you feel the need to change a specialist, you can do it at any time just email us at

They are graduated psychologists and certified therapists (from accredited therapy schools) with proven years of experience. Among our specialists, you can also find certified coaches and business mentors with certificates from renowned schools.  

Moreover, each of our specialists has extensive business experience.

There has been a lot of scientific research on the effectiveness of psychological support that is based on the exchange of messages, and the results are very positive.

Of course, everyone should choose the help that is most comfortable for them, so at HearMe you can arrange a video or text session.

Yes, you can cancel your visit or postpone it 24 hours before the appointment. 

Feeling like talking with a psychologist?