Additional Services

Individual Limits
Each service package allows you to activate one of two additional types of limits. Thanks to these limits, the company can better control their budget and keep track of the number of hours their employees have used within a given period.

The first type of limit is called limit per company - it refers to the total number of hours the company purchases for all employees within a given time period. Each time any employee books a session, the number of hours available for all employees decreases.

The second type of limit is called limit per employee - it refers to the number of hours the company purchases for each invidivual employee to use with a given time period (e.g. 35 days). It is possible to book new sessions for the next month only after the period is over. The time window between a session scheduled for the current month and one scheduled for the next month is calculated separately for each session.
HR Chat
HR Chat allows the users to chat anonymously with an HR specialist from their company through HearMe app. Messages sent by the employee are signed with a token generated by the app, helping the user to stay anonymous. The app forwards the employee's message to the user's email. The HR specialist can send a reply simply by responding to the email. All the messages show in the chat window.
Subscription Renewal Links
User subscriptions can be prolonged each month using subscription renewal links. The links are generated by the HearMe team on the 1st day of each month and sent to the contact email address provided by the user. If a user does not click the renewal link at the beginning of the month, they will see a "subscription has expired" message when they try to schedule a new session with a specialist.
In-app Content (coming soon)
HearMe users will soon be able to access educational content in the app: insightful articles and webinars devoted to wellbeing, stress management, nutrition, communication, relaxation, and more. We are also going to organise exclusive workshops on selected topics.
Each voucher is a code generated by the HearMe system. A company can generate vouchers and give them to their employees so that they can book new sessions (e.g. if they have used all the pre-paid hours). The employee can then book one or more sessions through the app.

HearMe offers a special solution for those of our clients whose employees use vouchers more frequently. These clients can access a gate listing all company domains used by their employees. We also provide a special site for inserting the voucher codes. The site requires the user to insert their business email and the voucher code so that their account can start keeping track of the hours of sessions scheduled with a voucher.
A wider variety of specialists
Additional services include the access to various specialists (other than therapists). The list of specialists includes nutritional psychologists, life coaches, executive coaches, financial coaches, physiotherapists, and more.

How it works:

Introduction for employees

We give your HR department access to our resource base: webinars, newsletters, infographics, and posts for creating well-being initiatives.

Onboarding webinar

This webinar, delivered by our specialists, explains how to use HearMe and answers the question: "How to know whether you need psychological suppport?"

Online sessions, video and live chat

Employees can book online sessions: a video call or chat with a psychologist, therapist or a business coach. It's fully anonymous and safe.

After the first month

After the first month, we sit down with you to discuss your initial experience and your needs moving forward. We then create a tailored plan for your organisation.

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