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Case study

HearMe x Monterail

How HearMe helps Monterail prioritize mental health at work

OSMI Mental Health in Tech Survey, 2021 over 90% of employees in the tech sector declare having been diagnosed with a mental health illness. Here's how the software agency Monterail decided to actively protect their people's mental health by giving them access to HearMe.


Our Specialists

We work with experienced therapists, coaches and business trainers who understand the opportunities and challenges of modern work. HearMe is not a marketplace; everyone on our team has completed a thorough verification process. Our specialists have run their own businesses, worked in HR departments, created original workshops and individual mentoring paths or taught at universities and colleges.

A Guide to Employee WellbeingGuide page 2

A Guide to
Employee Wellbeing

49% of employees would move to another organisation if it offered a higer level of wellbeing. What can you do to improve your people's wellbeing and keep your best talent?

20 questionsSurvey page 2

20 Questions to Measure Employee Wellbeing

Using our template, you will be able to create a wellbeing survey for your employees. Check their work satisfaction and mental wellbeing. Find opportunities for improvement.

How it works:

Introduction for employees

We give your HR department access to our resource base: webinars, newsletters, infographics, and posts for creating well-being initiatives.

Onboarding webinar

This webinar, delivered by our specialists, explains how to use HearMe and answers the question: "How to know whether you need psychological suppport?"

Online sessions, video and live chat

Employees can book online sessions: a video call or chat with a psychologist, therapist or a business coach. It's fully anonymous and safe.

After the first month

After the first month, we sit down with you to discuss your initial experience and your needs moving forward. We then create a tailored plan for your organisation.