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Tailored wellbeing programs for happy organisations.

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97% of our users would recommend HearMe to a colleague.

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We don't want people to feel stomach pain at the thought of work.

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48% of our users never talked to a therapist before using HearMe.

How we empower employees:

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What will happen when your company gets HearMe?

We have created a tool that supports the mental condition of employees and prevents burnout and rotation. After just a few weeks of providing psychological support for employees, our clients see:


increase in productivity


fewer absences

Sources: American Psychiatric Association, WHO, Deloitte

How it works:


To create an account all you need is your private email and an alias.


You can easily schedule a session with your therapist or coach.


Choose a video call...


...or a chat.

Who are our Specialists?

We work with a team of selected, certified therapists, business mentors, and coaches. They have performed years of therapy sessions, business workshops and one-2-one coaching sessions. They have gained their business experience either as corporate employees or entrepreneurs.